Make Money online easily

How it works?

More than 1 billion people in the united states spend more than 1 hour on Facebook every day.  Can you even imagine how much traffic that is? And you know this means a big chance to make money using the traffic.

Now We, Digital Whimsy, offer you a chance to make money online!

How do I make money?    

For a start, you can make money every time you share a post from our fan page Digital Whimsy and, we also pay you when the posts you have shared get likes or loves! Imagine just posting on your Facebook wall and being paid simply for having your friends & your friends' friends like that post!

Every post you share that goes viral can bring you money for months. Share posts that others will like to share and your income will grow exponentially.
Every post you share adds up and increases your revenue!

There are 4 different ways to earn:

It’s completely free to start accumulating earnings through:

1. Paid Per Share (20 share for $4)

2. Paid Per Free Signup on our official website: Signups for $5). 

3. Paid per like or love (25 likes/love for $3)

4. Paid per post including the links you write about our products(per post for $3)

Let's start!

The first thing you need to do to start making money is to

1. Follow our Facebook FanPage: Digital Whimsy.

2. Share our posts or post the products from Digital Whimsy every day.

3. After your post get likes, just take a screenshot, then email to us with your Paypal ! Please contact us at:

4. Come take a look at your earnings every day. Many times you'll need to take action to avoid losing a bonus that just came in. Most of the time, you have 24 hours to act!

Note: You can also get paid sharing our products on your other social accounts, like twitter, Pinterest . What's more, if you have lots of fans, you can promote to them and share profits of the products with us !

Enjoy and have Fun to your success!

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