How to upload 360 degree videos to youtube?

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As 360 Degree Fisheye VR Camera selling well on Digital Whimsy, we have informed that many people have the same problem "How to upload 360 degree videos to youtube". If they take the video straight out of the camera and try to upload it to Youtube, it’s not going to work properly.  The video will upload and be available, but when you go to view it you’ll see two circles. It’ll look something like this:

upload 360 videos to youtube,digital whimsy,360 camera

To make it work properly, there are several steps you have to do:

STEP1:Creat the 360° video with our 360 Degree Fisheye VR Camera.

360 camera,  Fisheye VR Camera

STEP2: Create a Google account
You need a Google account to post videos to YouTube.If you have a gmail account,it means you already have one.
STEP3: Download the EleCam video processing software to convert your videos into the compatible file types. 
STEP3: Import the video to the computer
Windows: Follow the instructions on the screen display.
Mac: Use iPhoto or Image Capture.
STEP4: Open the ELE Cam 360 Player, drag and drop the imported video.(MOV file) then click the icon at the left of the bottom.
360 camera image, upload 360 degree videos to youtebe
STEP5:Click the "Start button" to convert to an mp4 file.
STEP6: Login to YouTube, and click the "Upload button" at the top right.
STEP7:Select the privacy setting, and upload the converted mp4 file (The privacy settings can be edited later.)

STEP8: Click the "Publish button", and you're done!


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  • lauren on

    I’ve got my 360 CAM today and just tested it,it’s works well so far. but i’m also the one don’t know how to upload the video to youtube. but now i read this article, and follow step by step,it works! thank u

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